Come work in a vibrant coffee shop in downtown Salem, MA. At Odd Meter Coffee, we celebrate our common humanity, collaborate on putting our values into action, and express our love of life through serving delicious coffee, tea and baked goodies with warmth and generosity.

OMC was conceived some years ago, but was born during the pandemic and social unrest of 2020. That’s the world we came into, and we’re here to change it for the better. We love coffee, we love people, and we believe small businesses can be a driving force to create equity, environmental harmony, and prosperity for the many. 


We think making coffee and serving others is fun and honorable work, and should be respected and rewarded, and people who choose to grow their careers in it should be able to live comfortably and broaden their horizons. We use tons of super cool equipment and really great local suppliers to make delicious drinks for the coffee nerd and the cup-o-black-on-the-run-to-the-train alike. We offer multiple paths to growth, we share responsibility for operations, strategy, and direction, which means you will be shaping how this business turns out.

Our values and commitments to honoring nature, people, and doing business in a different way adds a lot of complexity to this business and to your role as a barista. This is a grand experiment, and if you think it’s awesome, then we can’t do it without you!

Please read our values to really understand what you’re getting into. You must have barista experience and resonate with the values you will be helping to express through your work everyday. Let us know how that you do!


If you think OMC is for you, and you’re for OMC, please write us at and tell us why. Please include a resume if you have one.

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