• Angelica & Eric

Diversity is a gift

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Odd Meter Coffee is based on values and we believe diversity is a gift. Everyone is welcome, and we are all included. There are a bunch of cute graphics about our values too.

We believe that diversity is a gift and every person has value.

We want to truly see each person we meet, to find out what is uniquely marvelous, fascinating, relatable about them. We are naturally curious and open people, which is why we choose to spend most of our time chatting and serving coffee!

The more stories we hear, the richer the world is. The more perspectives we center, the less likely we are to do harm, and the more likely we are to celebrate our fellow humans, and share a warm and welcoming space with the people around us. And that’s why OMC exists in the first place.

We are two white, heterosexual people we are privileged; as business owners, even more so. We are excited to use that privilege to find ways to center diverse identities and to move beyond the dominant power structure and version of capitalism. To that end we want a space where people are not simply a commodity, not calculated in labor dollars or sales, but rather celebrated for their inherent value as human beings and members of our community. To us, that starts by everyone feeling seen, and being included.

Communication is powerful and it begins before you even come into our shop. Words, pictures, and tone can inadvertently say something that belittles someone or makes them feel unsafe, dishonored, or like they don’t belong. So we began with the Inclusion Revolution, an 8 week course on confronting our own inherent biases and what is normalized in the media. We are rooting out marginalizing and excluding language and images from how we communicate, and working towards expressing ourselves in a way that makes everyone feel spoken to with love and respect.

When hiring, we can’t wait to meet, amongst many others, people of color, LGBTQIA+ and gender non-conforming folks, womxn, indigenous people, those who have been recently incarcerated, veterans, immigrants, people with housing insecurity, and people with disabilities, people of all ages and religions, who may want to work at Odd Meter. We highlight these identities not to tokenize, but to consciously decenter whiteness and patriarchy, to move toward a more inclusive world. Everyone is invited and everyone is given equal precedence here. We are here for all people who treat each other with dignity and respect.

Beyond inviting all to apply, we are actively working with the City of Salem, non-profit, and local organizations to help us reach members of diverse communities; and to continue to create a truly accessible and inclusive workplace. The more our staff represents the wider world, the more comfortable the wider world will feel in our space. And the more fun it will be for all of us!

The experience of working at Odd Meter is collaborative. Everybody has the same responsibility and significance in furthering our values and goals. We will have expert resources, regular coaching, and meetings in which we all have equal voice. To check ourselves, we will all get regular external training on diversity, equity, and inclusion. Prioritizing this in our culture and ongoing training keeps it alive and present as we grow.

We’re off-beat people, and “compliance” is not a word that resonates with us. Rather than simply be in compliance with regulations, we want to be truly accessible and inviting. To that end, we are working with neurodiverse people and folks with disabilities, to build in their experience. For example, there will be a lower-stimulation ordering process and area on our website for people who need that (work in progress!).

Whoever you are, we want to know you, the real you. Come as you are, we made this space for all of us, and we can’t wait to meet you!